In January, Sony patent application number 3013007892 for “electronic content Processing System” and “Use Apparatus” would associate individual game discs with matched user accounts. The system works by attaching a contact-less radio frequency (RF) tag to each game that can be read without a network connection.

In Sony’s patent it explains the purpose is to ensure the redistribution of a portion of the proceeds from sales to developers, who do not see a dime from secondhand sales. Sony said that though the secondhand market, used games, may expose new gamers to a particular title, in the long run, this does not benefit developers.

As, so called, triple A title budgets get larger and larger and gamers expect more graphical and storyline interaction with games used games for $4 make less sense to developers. So Sony and others have been quietly developing ways to suppress the resale market. With the launch of the PS4 later this year Sony announced that you will be able to share games and resell them at will but since technologies like this already exist it seems only a matter of time before the hammer falls on cheap used games.