At E3 in June Sony and Microsoft squared off again in the continuation of the newly manufactured console wars. 

The Xbox One received a good dose of Internet hate after announcing, and then very quickly redacting, policies that would not let users share or lend games. Sony had a PR buffet on Microsoft’s ill announcement and trolled the hell out of their sharing policy while it lasted. Sony’s own PlayStation 4 showed off some great titles and a long list of exclusives. It's still way too soon to see which console will end up 'winning' the holiday season. 

And while not a console at all, the Oculus Rift has us all rubbing our hands and rocking back and forth in a fugue state at the prospect of playing all of our old favorites again  in an enhanced virtual reality state. For those who haven’t watched hours of people cat-pawing at empty space, and navigating acid-trip inspired universes, the Oculus Rift  is something that we would love to see supported by any of the major consoles.