Easily one of the most anticipated games in recent memory, the long-awaited and many-times delayed, Bioshock: Infinite finally reached the shelves in early 2013.

Amid the controversy surrounding the overt religious narrative, and complainants from some gamers that BioShock wasn't enough of a shooter or RPG for their liking, luckily the game still proved to be amazing.

Unlike its predecessors, which were very much based in shock and horror, Infinite played more like a traditional shooter, but the stunning environment pulled you in and never let up for a second. The complexity and beauty of the set-pieces lead players into a sense of awe and wonder. 

Controversy may have lead to the games hype but in the end the racism, extreme religion, and bloody Ideological social commentary worked in tandem as a cautionary tale. Combine all of these elements with one of the impressive mind-fuck endings and you'v got another beautiful title from Ken Levine that was well worth the delay