Age: 23
Notable role: Dottie Smith in Killer Joe (2012)

Juno Temple. Juno, Juno Temple. She's not just an actress, man, she's an artist. That sounds lofty (and silly) to say, but it's the most appropriate way to distinguish her from the rest of young Hollywood. When she's on screen playing whichever deeply flawed character she's got lined up—whether it's an underage girl bethrothed to an older man or a stripper that needs saving—it never feels like a gimmick. It's as if she's an old soul, an old Hollywood actress reincarnated in director Julien Temple's daughter.

And she's arguably the most prolific young actress out right now, adding 31 titles to her IMDB resume (including those released, in pre-production, and in post-production) since her breakthrough role in 2007's Atonement