Wal-Mart has steadily become the social hub in small towns across America. We all know that they achieved this by running all the more enjoyable, and less flourescently lit social hubs out of business, but that doesn't make it any less true that Wally World is the place to be in towns across America. Everybody shops at Wal-Mart, even those people that claim that they would never be caught dead in a Wal-Mart. They might grab their fruits, vegetables, and tofu at Whole Foods, but you can catch the same high and mighty shoppers buying discount toiletries from the blue box.

Though everyone shops at Wal-Mart, there some types of people you see at supercenter over and over again. If you had a bingo card with a bearded guy wearing camo and an overweight woman in a Nascar shirt in opposing corners, these people would help you fill out the card and win the prize. From bored college kids returned home for the summer glazed over with boredom to that befuddled dad in the housewares section, these are the people that are as much a part of Wal-Mart as blue aprons and unfair labor practices. So, roll back into your seat and don't you dare think about unionizing, here are the 10 Types of People You See Shopping At Wal-Mart.

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