It's truly sad how far people will go to get high. Nashville, Tenn. native William "Billy" Cantrell was arrested for stealing a box of ashes that his family says he mistook for cocaine

According to a police report, Cantrell, 28, stole the non-cocaine and an Xbox from a neighbor, then brought it to his grandmother's house. "William thought it was drugs, he thought he'd done found him a box of cocaine is what he thought," his animated grandmother explained to News Channel 5. Wanda Allen added that her grandson was most likely wasted when he committed the crime: "If he gets to drinking and doing drugs he's out there. He needs help. There needs to be more to it than putting him in jail," she said. 

Despite the bag being labeled with a date of birth, date of death and a name, Cantrell still figured he had hit the blow jackpot. He was really that fucked up. The ashes were reportedly those of Steven Medley's mother.

Cantrell was charged with aggravated burglary. At least he didn't pull a Keith Richards. Thank God he didn't pull a Keith Richards.

[via News Channel 5]