Sport: All sports
Year Introduced: 1962

One of the more underrated aspects of any live telecast is the in-game chatter that floods in with through our sound systems amidst all the static coming from the crowd. Hearing Peyton Manning call out an audible or Ray Lewis make adjustments to the defense adds unexpected textures to the game, and enriches the fan experience in subtle ways. No one was more prescient of the power of this effect than NFL Films founder Ed Sabol. Back in 1962, the legendary filmmaker struck a deal with the league to film the NFL Championship game between the Packers and the Giants. Since then, NFL Films has been on the sideline of all of the league's most important moments, with a rich archive of visuals and soundbytes showcasing the history of the league. This collection from the past season is a perfect example. The technology is regularly used in most other major sports leagues, but NFL Films has always stood above the rest as the innovation's primary adopter.