You have just over two weeks to fund the bizarre, horrifying-looking Tangiers, a new UK-developed non-linear stealth game whose surreal aesthetic is inspired by the such avant-garde creative types as William S. Burroughs and David Lynch (with a healthy dose of early Twentieth century Dadaist art movement). The developers are asking for £35,000 British Pounds Sterling (or about $53,840 American, of which they’ve so far raised around $29,000 of) by August 13th to bring their frightening aesthetic vision to life.

Sure, you need to find and dispose of five beings to this nightmarish dreamscape in any way you see fit, but that’s not the really interesting part. The world itself is constantly in a state of flux, and depending on how treat (or mistreat) it, it breaks down and rebuilds itself in violent or subtle ways. Buildings may suddenly ignore gravity, say, or conform to the fractured personalities of who or what you wronged.

Basically, the more you screw up, the more screwed up the world gets. You can also pick up bits of dialogue spoken by characters and use it as an actual object to spread misinformation, which may or may not manifest itself as a physical effect in the world.)

Sound weird? You bet. And judging on the number of disturbing, surrealist videogames that have been made to date – a number you can probably count on one hand – that’s exactly why a game like Tangiers would be good for the industry.

Check out the some unnerving footage of the game and read more about the developers’ Kickstarter via the link below.

Via Kickstarter