Attention, job-seeking writers: The Church of Scientology's print magazine Freedom is now hiring. A recent job posting clarifies their mission statement: "human rights, social betterment issues and investigative reporting in the public interest."

Peruse the magazine's website however, and it appears that the aforementioned investigative reporting is more in Scientology's interest. The most recent cover story, "The Posse of Lunatics," portrays a handful of the Church's critics as cartoonish caricatures, and is representative of Freedom's true goal: retaliating against the Church's attackers.

Almost all of the magazine's content is relegated to childishly calling out Scientology's most vocal critics and publishing reverse exposés in response to exposés from The New Yorker, CNN and BBC. If you want to be a part of the team tackling these social betterment issues, send your resumé in quick while the openings are still there.

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[via TheWrap]