What's the best way to bring in the most profit possible? By selling something you paid absolutely nothing to get. That's what scalpers in China are doing by booking up Apple Genius Store appointments and selling them online for as much as 40-yuan ($6.40) a pop. Considering most scalpers here in the the states pay for tickets and then sell them at high prices, Genius Bar appointments don't cost a dime, so these scalpers aren't losing any money.

The Beijing Morning News found out that when a reporter tried to book an appointment at a local Genius Bar online, everything was taken up. Everything. No iPod, iPhone, or iPad appointments were available. After looking around for an alternative, the reporter discovered companies were selling these booked appointments. After purchasing one of the bookings, log-in details were sent to him and he was able to head to a local Apple Store. Apparently, Apple Stores in China don't require customers to verify their identity, so these scalpers are able to use dummy email addresses to swoop appointments all up. Though $6.40 might not seem that much, considering that the average monthly salary in China is $580, every cent matters.

[via Cult of Mac]