Residents at the Crescent Village apartment complex in San Jose, California, have received a little bit more of Google than just the ability to search for cat videos.

Up to 400 of Google's interns have moved into the complex for the summer, joining the quiet families who work at nearby tech companies. So what do you get when you have hundreds of twenty-somethings together in one complex, who all earn up to $6,000 a month? Partying, ruckus, and more partying. "They dart out into the middle of the street," said Rochelle Fisher, a resident there. "They jaywalk all the time. I have to be very careful when I'm driving."

Other residents have gone to Yelp to write about how their once peaceful home has turned into a playground for these college-aged kids: "The situation is pretty bad. There are a lot of parties even in the middle of the week and security is unable to do anything," wrote resident Huan L. "[It's] like a dorm now. I could hear a lot of noise, people talking and singing even in the middle of the night. The sound-proof is pretty good if I close the windows, but it's summer time, I want some fresh and cool air."

A few weeks ago, the complex left notices on all of the doors to remind its residents to be "considerate of your neighbors," which seems like a pretty reasonable and plainly obvious thing to do if you're living with other people around. Guess even those who Google deems the best and brightest need to be reminded of the simplest of manners.