Sadly, the weeekend long pilgrimage of all things geeky, nerdy, cosplay, and generally fantastic has come to a close.

San Diego Comic-Con has become the annual de facto rollout for anything that can be remotely classified as having to do with mainstream geek culture. Comics themselves are almost an afterthought when faced with the full-court press from movie and television studios showcasing their next major releases. We found out that a Superman/Batman title will finally be released, which could go either way since Zack Snyder will still be in charge of prodcution. But, Ultron, Ultron, Ultron!

But, we digress. There were also a ton of video game reveals that gave us something to hold onto until the fall release season starts. Take at look at what got us up off our asses from this past weekend. These are the San Diego Comic-Con Video Game Announcements We're Most Excited About

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