Rick Ross as Butterball on "Magic City" Is Something You Need to See

If you haven't yet caught this past Friday's episode of Magic City, we're about to give you the best advice you'll receive all day: Find a way to watch it immediately, because Rick Ross was in it, and it was absolutely hilarious. 

In the episode, Ross portrayed a character named "Butterball," who was a numbers runner that headed the largest bolita house in Miami, and occasionally brought up Leviticus. 

Until you can find means to watch the episode, though, check out this behind-the-scenes clip featuring creator Mitch Glazer explaining the inspiration behind Butterball—apparently, it's based on Ross, who was a huge fan of the show prior to guest-starring—along with a few clips from his television debut.

Bonus: BET has an uncut version of one of Ross' scenes, which you can check out below.

[via DefJam]

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