Jennifer Carpenter already had a high profile relationship: her on-screen brother, Michael C. Hall. The Dexter costars eloped in 2008, but didn’t appear publicly as a couple until the Golden Globes in 2009. By 2010, they were separated and were divorced the next year despite surviving Hall’s Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis. Awkwardly, they still had to work together.

Carpenter somehow met Avett Brother (they're a garage folk band—don't worry about it) Seth Avett this year. Avett announced his divorce from wife Susan just a few weeks ago, but even she maintains that Carpenter was not the reason for their split. "It saddens me to hear of such unfounded speculation surrounding the end of our marriage, which is in and of itself a difficult time for both of us,” she said.

Still, we wonder how Hall feels about her new relationship—at least they no longer have to work together. Dex may wanna get his kill suit ready! Just kidding.