A woman in Queens made the horrifying discovery last week that the refrigerator she had just disposed of contained $5,020—her life savings. Last Tuesday, Magda Castillo realized that the 5-foot Frigidaire she took to Atlantic Recycling in Ozone Park had her money hidden inside of it. She returned the following morning in a state of panic, but luckily recycling center employee Mike Downer arrived 15 minutes later with a faint recollection of where the jackpot was. He was able to locate the refrigerator and the missing money.

Atlantic Recycling took to the media to inform Castillo that they had found her cash. Speaking with the New York Daily News, she said she was "very happy" when she saw the good news on TV. Downer was awarded with $300 for his honesty, and as for Castillo, well, she did the smart thing: Opened a bank account.

[via Gothamist and New York Daily News]