Courvoisier® has a long-standing tradition of breaking with the norm, and has repeatedly found ways to redefine how cognac is both created and enjoyed. In celebration of this spirit of ingenuity, the brand recently commissioned a mural to be painted at the intersection of Knickerbocker Ave. and Flushing Ave., right in the heart of Brooklyn. With intense artistic flair, the mural's depiction featured a number of Courvoisier®'s finest creations on prominent display. It also boasted Courvoisier®'s mantra: "Be the Exception." Both in the quality of its products and its commitment to essence, Courvoisier® continues to do just that.

Like with all beautiful things, the mural was only temporary. Its purpose fulfilled, Courvoisier® took it down and looked toward its next endeavor. But not to worry, the painting process was captured for posterity in the video below, so be sure to view it here.