Year of release: 1994
Publisher: Capcom

Mother of god did we burn through quarters on this Capcom cabinet. The game ran on the same CPS2 system board that powered Capcom's Super Street Fighter II arcade title, and the animation in the two games were gorgeously similar for the time. 

Alien vs. Predator the arcade game was based on an early script for an intended crossover film that never saw the light of day. Which is unfortunate, because the messy fuck-pile of an Aliens vs Predator film we got a decade later would have benefitted from studying this game for story structure. One of the first appearences of the Predator where the player actually felt like he was in controls of an interstellar badass. There was heft, power, and menace in the way the Predators felt.

Players could choose between a Predator Hunter-quicker attacks but takes damage fairly easily-and a Predator Hunter-balanced with a bit more durability-as well as two human characters. Dutch Schaeffer, a cartoonishly exaggerated, cyberneticaly enhanced Schwarzenegger homage, and Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa who used a pistol and katana.

The game felt more akin in spirit to the Dark Horse comics that were being published at the time and the co-op feature was so, so clutch.