Year of release: 1999
Sierra Entertainment

Remembered most fervently for being one of the best, if not the best, iteration of the Predator in interactive media, this PC only release still holds the title for the best execution of playing as the Predator.

Aliens versus Predator was unique in that it offered players three different campaigns, xenomorph, marine, and Predator, to play. All the characters were played through as a first-person shooter. Each character played drastically different and forced players to strartegize according to their selesction.

Marines were given armor and heavy firepower; aliens utilized tails and claws with the ability to free-climb through levels; Predators got wrist mounted blades and the ability to cloak. The game succeeded in creating a densely atmospheric experience with an ambient sense of horror and dread that has yet to be imitated in any other Predator outing.

The Predator felt, thanks to the faithful character design, like you are in control of a hulking, technologically advanced killing machine. Vision filters, plasma canons, and an arsenal of murder-tech made the Predator campaign the most fullfillng execution to date of the character. This gams is still so dope, and if you haven't played it, it's still available on Steam.