Year of release: 1987
Publisher: Activision 

The most outstanding similarity between the 1987 Predator game released for the NES, Amiga, and Commodore 64 and the actual film ends at the name. Sure, you get to play as Major Dutch Schaeffer and traipse around the jungle, but that's about where the corollaries end. Yes, the Predator is the end guy and he battles you by... pulling his head off?

We totally remember the floating head and fireballs from the movie. The game didn't manage to capture any of the subversive political commentary, or the gritty, visceral hyper-violence of the film, but it was an officially liscensed game tie-in. Activision slapped Arnold's face on the front of the box and units were moved. If you managed to beat the final dismebodied floating head you'd be rewarded with this:

Not much in the way of pomp, but it did manage to convey the sense of stark realism of defeating an alien trophy hunter and finding yourself stranded and alone in the South American rainforest.