Payday is a Left 4 Dead mod that lets you be the crazy gun weilding criminal you always wanted to be.

No one is getting between you and those shiny jewels. Payday 2 is the updated robbery simulator, that now has many more role-playing elements to lighten up the murder-load.

Players can now specialize in four different criminal classes and co-op with their friends to take down the hardest heists. A stealth mode has been added so theoretically we won't have to kill everyone to get the goods. Something that was sadly missing from the first game was the ability to stun instead of kill, we hope some less-than-lethal force is added this Payday 2, after all, you're not saving the world here.

Payday 2 is tentatively set to drop in August but you know how heists go; they always run a little late and somebody’s going to get blasted in the end.

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[Via Joystiq]