Park Slope residents are not happy about the presence of a billboard for Peyton's Playpen. The Sunset Park strip club has a large ad on the side of a building located at Fourth Avenue and President Street that features a smiling woman while encouraging acrobatic ladies who don't mind shedding their clothes to join the staff. Though it isn't obscene, it still isn't welcome.

“As far as I’m concerned, it is better that it is a woman’s face, instead of a suggestive photo of a woman’s body, but it is still not right for Park Slope!” said one woman. The sign rests on the side of 24-hour organic grocery Ivy Garden, and the owner was also unhappy about its presence. “It’s his store, and it affects the image of the store,” one of his employees remarked.

Other people were comically comfortable with the sign. “I would need to visit before saying if it was right for Park Slope or not,” someone joked.

Some feel that critics need to get off their high horses. “Are people in Park Slope asexual robots who don’t visit strip clubs? And, in turn, what neighborhood is this then ‘appropriate’ for? If you’re worried about the kids, guess what— kids live in every single neighborhood in this city."

While both sides fight the good fight, the billboard remains in place.

[via New York Post]