So, this peripherals maker has just released a video where they claim to have Apple's much rumored low-cost iPhone (aka the iPhone Mini).

The parts, which look to be made up of a plastic back-cover and the standard front-face, look similar to an iPhone 5 and match what leaked photos of the iPhone have suggested. The knock-off company, Techdy, made this video—complete with "cool" music and dramatic camera angles—to show off the two iPhone models in black and white they claim to own. The twist, though, is that these guys say they're selling the phone. Well, their own "iPhone-inspired" version of it, called the Basic Bear. The "Basic Bear" is a Frankenstein-like version of iPhone and Android that no one in their right mind should want (unless you've always been on the fence about whether you're an Apple or Android fanboy). For $199, the company is offering a phone that's based on the shape of the "iPhone Mini," complete with the iPhone 5's 16GB of internal storage, 1136 x 640 resolution, and a 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, all while running Android 4.2.1.

Thankfully, they're only making 100 of these hybrid phones (in white, green, and pink) and they won't ship until September 1. Only time will tell if the unannounced low-cost iPhone will look like this, but, hopefully, we'll all be willing to wait before buying this knock-off.

[via The Verge]