When Tyler Sargeant heard the sounds of the "Imperial March" (Darth Vader's theme) while enjoying a night run in Prospect Park two weeks back, he expected to see Lord Vader himself. If only he were so lucky. Instead, an NYPD cruiser flew past him with the song blaring at ignorant levels and cops "laughing like stoned high-school kids as they drove by."

That marked the second time in three months that law enforcement was seen bumping Vader's theme. Scott Rosann says he was walking his dog in Park Slope back on Mar. 29 when he heard the intimidating tune coming from a cop car. "No doubt whatsoever that that song was coming from that car," he said.

It remains unclear whether this is an actual NYPD practice, or just a few officers who share a keen sense of humor. Kind of like when the Baltimore Police Department brought down Hamsterdam to the sounds of "Ride of the Valkyries" on The Wire. What a smug prick Bill Rawls was, right?

[via Daily Intelligencer]