A woman with the heart of a lion told an armed robber that he lacked the courage to pull the trigger, and the fact she's alive to tell the story proves she was right. SoHo resident Anna Graham was smoking a cigarette in front of her home on Jul. 3 when she was approached by two men who ordered her to give up her wallet. Her response was "Are you kidding me?’"

Graham, 54, said one of the men placed a gun to her forehead and yelled "‘I’ll shoot you, b---h!’" Cool under pressure, she says replied  "‘No, you won’t.'” At the other man's urging, he lowered the gun to her chest, but Graham kept her eyes locked on his before delivering a heroic, almost movie-esque line: “‘It’s not easy to shoot someone. You have to have balls to do that. And you have none.’"

Graham says her reaction caught the men off-guard. "For a second there, I saw fear—for just a split second," she said. "I went against all the rules, everything he knew about life.” One of her friends walked outside and tried to attack the robbers, and another friend called 911 for assistance. The men fled, but still managed to steal a Samsung Galaxy cell phone, an iPad mini and $600 cash from the car parked in front of the house. According to police, they're still at large.

Graham is very lucky to have survived that encounter, but her fearlessness in the face of death just reflects her peronality, according to neighbors. One told the New York Post that she "doesn’t take s--t from anyone." 

[via Gothamist and New York Post]