George Simpson, Jr.'s ability to multitask has landed him in trouble with his employer and the law. A commuter secretly recorded the NJ Transit bus driver masturbating while driving a bus through the Lincoln Tunnel on the way to New York City back on Jun. 24. Yes, traffic is frustrating, but that is not the solution.

In addition to being accused of reckless driving and lewdness, Simpson, 41, was charged with risking injury or damage by removing his hands from the steering wheel. According to NJ Transit spokesman John Durso, Jr., Simpson was suspended without pay immediately for "disturbing and grossly irresponsible conduct." 

Legal issues aside, good luck to Simpson on his future job search, because termination is presumably comingno pun intended. Now, he'll always be known as the guy who was caught on camera rubbing one out while driving a bus through America's busiest tunnel. Also, what's worse: this, or flicking semen on someone at Walmart?

[via The Huffington Post]