Game: NBA 2K7
Year: 2006

Fresh off the Miami Heat's Finals victory at the end of the 2006 season and winning the Finals MVP award, Dwyane Wade was awarded in NBA 2K7 with an overall 98 rating.

And man did he ever play up to that rating: finishing in traffic, facilitating for teammates, knocking down high-degree-of-difficulty jumpers from almost anywhere (not 3-point range, but that's about it) and defending tenaciously no matter the match-up. He was an all-around threat, simply put, boasting a 95 Speed rating, a 94 Handle rating and a 99 Layup rating.

It can be easy to forget how good Wade was in real life, much less in NBA 2K7, simply because he spent so little time at the top before injuries incurred by his reckless and physical play began to slow him. His play for the Heat on their back-to-back championship teams has been inconsistent, but every once in a while he still flashes hints of the greatness captured in NBA 2K7.