Game: NBA 2K9
Year: 2008

A pick and roll maestro, Chris Paul's 99 Overall Rating in NBA 2K9 dovetailed quite nicely with the high point of the game's offensive pick and roll play.

Starting with either NBA 2K10 or NBA 2K11 (depending on personal preference), the defense on pick and rolls got a little stouter, a little harder to pull off with easy aplomb. So hurray for realism, but pour one out for the death of a beautiful two-man game for which Paul was the absolutely perfect set up man. It didn't hurt at all that at the time the Hornets sported not one but two ideal PNR partners in Tyson Chandler and David West (who could also pick and pop with the best of them).

A slick ballhandler and master of threaded passes, Paul in 2K9 could also knock down stepback midrange Js with regularity. Add in the fact that he was one of the best perimeter defenders in the game and there's little doubt that Chris Paul in NBA 2K9 was one of the best point guards the series ever saw.