Game: NBA 2K1
Year: 2000

Just because legendary Lithuanian Arvydas Sabonis was past his prime when he finally arrived in the NBA to play for the Portland Trail Blazers at the age of 31 doesn't mean he wasn't a dominant video game force.

Perhaps swayed more by his exploits as part of the Soviet team that won gold in the 1988 Summer Olympics than by the injuries that had slowed him considerably, the Sabonis that appeared in NBA 2K1 was like a stretch 4 from Mars. At 7'3", Sabonis could rebound and score around the basket but also pass and shoot the 3-pointer with reliable accuracy. The way he played cast a long shadow over future lesser if similarly constructed talents like Raef LaFrentz and Mehmet Okur. Just like the real NBA, we may never have gotten to experience Sabonis at the height of his powers as an athletic and versatile center, but the version we got in the first couple years of the NBA 2K series was plenty good enough.