The VMAs are coming to Brooklyn this year, but the nominations are coming to Vine and Instagram. 

MTV has announced that the network will be revealing its VMA nominations every hour on Vine and Instagram starting at 8 a.m. ET Wednesday. Because the services are still in their infancy, this will give MTV's VMAs the distinction of being the first awards show to announce their nominations via Vine and Instagram video. They've even hired noted stop-motion artist Khoa Phan to do eight VMA videos. Phan is the talent behind recent videos for Snapple and Peanuts Worldwide. 

With a brand new Moonman ready to take the stage, MTV looks nice and ready to grab the social media world's attention tomorrow. To give you a little taste of what you can expect, here is one of our favorite pieces from a recent collaboration from MTV and Phan.

[via Mashable]