Where: Kooky Canuck 
City: Memphis, TN
Address: 97 S 2nd St.  
Website: kookycanuck.com
Cost: $99 for the 12lb Humunga Kookamonga

Wanna prove that you are better than that dude from Man Vs. Food? Well, that takes practice and practice makes perfect, so perfect your burger-scarfing at Kooky Canuck. The Memphis-area restaurant has different levels of gluttony you can partake in, but the pinnacle of piggytude is their 12-lb beef party with all the fixins including lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and cheese. The burger weights 25lbs, basically the weight of a large baby, or your left leg, depending on how heavy you are. Kooky Canuck is kind to novices with their eat-this-all-and-its-free rules. You can share the burger with three friends and if you can eat it in an hour, it’s totally free. That sounds easy enough, right? Did you look at that thing though?