Vengeful mockingbirds are terrorizing pedestrians in Transmitter Park, which is located in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood. Arthur Henry, 44, told the New York Times he felt "ridiculous" about being "scared of a bird" after he was attacked by the same bird on two occasions last week. Henry says he now wears Ray-Bans for protection in the event of a third attack.

Williamsburg-based artist Pacifico Silano recalled a woman with two small dogs running up to him, claiming that birds had attacked her in the park. The 27-year-old Silano wanted to laugh it off. "'Are we really having this conversation?’” he asked. 

But aggressive mockingbirds are no joke, especially when they think their young are in danger. Fortunately, New York City Audobon executive director Glenn Phillips says that nesting season is just about over. “Once the young fledge, they’ll settle down,” he said. Those have to be comforting words for folks who frequent Transmitter Park, or are now afraid to.

Still, it's frightening to know that you could be subject to an aerial attack at any time, especially since mockingbirds are able to recognize humans they've flagged as potential threats. Also, after the first attack, they might bring backup for round two. Keep your eyes open and be careful of what you do.

[via New York Times]