I can't tell you the amount of apartments that were lost to my clients because they didn't have monies (usually 1st month and 1 month security) accessible or have the basic checklist of documents with them. Apartments during this insane rental season can rent in a matter of hours, and if you don't have the basics on you, you are in for disappointment! Here's a basic checklist of paperwork and monies you should have:

  • First two pages of previous year's tax returns
  • Employment letter stating length of employment and salary
  • 1-2 Pay stubs
  • 1-2 Bank statements
  • A landlord reference (nice to have, but not typically required)
  • 2 months rent accessible at a bank in the city you are looking in (You need to be able to get a certified bank check usually within 24 hours to hold the apartment.)