In what shouldn't come as a shock to anyone, Mike Tyson recently told reporters that he never got around to beating Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! back in the day.

Secretly we all hoped the champ would have worked his way through the classics NES title, forcing some sort of meta-tear in the fabric of game-reality by battling his digital self. He had another way of putting it,

"I couldn't even beat Glass fucking Joe," Tyson told TMZ.

Glass Joe was the first boxer you faced in the 1989 title, and he was pretty much a dish towel on legs.Tyson goes on to talk about his late blooming as a gamer. Citing such contemporary franchises as Tour of Duty as one of his favorites.

Tour of Duty isn't a real game, and doesn't exist, but we'd play the shit out that game if we could.

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[via DeadSpin]