Clearly looking to score a few extra minutes of camera time, Benzino revealed to the show’s walking community newsletter and gossip blog, Karlie Redd, that he recorded a video for a new track entitled “Smashed The Homie” featuring a Joseline Hernandez lookalike. Oh, won’t that go well once Steebie and Joseline find out about it. Karlie Redd didn’t care, though, because she swiftly changed the subject to her leaking breasts and whether or not Benzino would cover the cost of her breast augmentation. In Karlie Redd's defense, she had no time to waste if her implants are leaking. Safety first.

On this scene, one of my friends tweeted: “karlie has color contacts. benzino is wearing a faux givenchy tee. why am I watching this?”

Because it’s hilarious.