The sun will soon set for It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia but not in the immediate future. The sitcom, which is jumping to FX's new comedy-oriented channel FXX, is gearing up for its ninth season (to air Sept 4), with a tenth on the horizon. Only then, with a decade of degenerate mischief in the can, will the show go into that gentle good night.

In today's TV age, five to seven seasons is considered the magic number, and that's in addition to episode orders of half or less than the old standard of twenty-two. Ten seasons is one hell of an accomplishment, especially considering as per co-creator Glenn Howerton's interview with Rolling Stone, it's a completely creative decision - the show is arguably more popular than ever. If our pop culture math is correct, this could make Always Sunny the longest running fictional cable series second only to South Park (currently at sixteen!).

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[via RS]