It is unbearably, suffocatingly hot in New York City. 94 degrees, to be exact. We're in a heat wave so widespread and so menacing that it can actually be viewed from space. No, really. 

As such, conversation has devolved into discussions detailing the volume of sweat pouring out of strangers' bodies, just how sauna-like the conditions of the local subway stations are (the 14th Street stop on the L is 110 degrees), and occasionally, whether or not one could really fry an egg on the sidewalk. Eager to see if the cliché held true (though, less eager to leave the respite that is our air-conditioned office), we took to the streets to put the old adage to the test. 

See that soft-boiled egg at the end? Yup, it worked. IT ACTUALLY WORKKKKEDDD!

Just kidding, you gullible moron. Despite cracking an egg onto three different frying-pan-like surfaces (tin foil, a slab of metal, and a piece of colored reflective paper) the yolk, even after 15 minutes had passed, looked as sad and runny as it began. An NBC film crew also happened to catch our little experiment on camera, and can attest to the fact that, as good citizens and responsible journalists, we cleaned the yolk off the sidewalk. Well, as best we could, at least. 

The lesson learned here? Don't fry eggs on city sidewalks, folks. It's messy, and there will inevitably be a creepy stranger and/or news station there to capture your shennanigans, which may or may not land you in jail. If you're that desperate for a free lunch, you can just troll the aisles at Trader Joe's for samples like the rest of us.

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