Iron Sky, the 2012 Timo Vuorensola-directed indie sci-fi spoof that featured a president Sarah Palin (well, a parody of her) fighting Nazis from outer space, is getting a sequel. Does it need a sequel? Probably not--but thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, producers have reportedly raised about $175,993 so far for production purposes. America, what have you done?

According to Indiewire, the money successfully raised is just a fraction of the budget for the project, which is titled Iron Sky: The Coming Race. Apparently, the actual budget is somewhere in the valley of $15 million, and the $175,993 raised is just to fund a script, a clear production plan, and a four to five minute promo reel to help them acquire additional funding. Since their crowdfunding campaign was successful, it's actually likely they'll get the money they need.

The project is being billed as a dark comedy which will spoof big-budget Hollywood films.

As of right now, since there's no script, it's hard to say who from the first film will be involved--but stars Udo Kier and Stephanie Paul are both reportedly attached to return. No word on Christopher Kirby, who played the "first African-American astronaut on the Moon" who ends up meeting the Moon Nazis. The sequel is set to begin production in 2015, if all goes according to plan. You can check out the project's Indiegogo page here.

This is the trailer of the first film, and you should absolutely watch right this second:

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[via Indiewire]