Instagram just made sharing media that much easier, so you'll be able to spruce up that blog of yours pretty nicely for now on. 

The company announced Wednesday that users will now be able to embed photos and videos with the help of the app. With the update, a new icon will appear near the comment and 'like' buttons of a photo or video, which looks like an arrow (check it out in the web version above). Hit that icon and an embed code will pop up that users can paste to any web page or blog post that takes HTML. This is really good for two reasons: the video feature lacked an easy way to share outside of Instagram; and now when you share things, the author of the media will properly get attributed. 

It only works for public profiles (so you're private ones aren't being shared all over the place). But give it a go, and check out the example from yours truly below.

 [via Bloomberg]