A few months shy of this time last year, Facebook bought out Instagram for $1 billion. The purchase gave Instagram a huge publicity boost, and much more power with Facebook on its side. In the past year, Instagram added 90 million more users, bringing their active users to 130 million a month. 

Great news, of course, of Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom. Facebook's purchase of his company wasn't a bust, and doesn't look like it will be—and you'd think he'd be happy with just that. But in a recent interview, when Systrom was asked if he thinks Instagram will ever surpass Facebook in terms of users, he had quite an answer. "By definition, if it keeps growing at this rate, yes, it will be bigger [than Facebook]," he said. "It will be the biggest thing in the world."

Can an app built around photos and 15-sec videos top Facebook's user numbers one day? Instagram's co-founder, Mike Krieger, answered the same question, and gave a less than stellar response: "I don't know — that's a good question. I think both of them are basically limitless in size, so maybe one day they'll be the same size?"

[via Fast Company]