Each year, Dorothy Pomerantz and the celebrity-loving number crunchers at Forbes calculate the paydays of Tinseltown’s biggest names to reveal Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actors. Yesterday they did it once again, announcing a list of names that includes the usual suspects (Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Sandler), some surprising newcomers (Channing Tatum and Liam Neeson), and a couple of notable omissions (Johnny Depp and Will Smith, for starters. Let’s just blame After Earth for everything).

The former Highest-Paid staples who have dropped off the list should, of course, be the least surprising part of it all. After all, we are talking about the entertainment business—an industry where a split second separates fame from infamy (hello, Paula Deen). Yet, as Robert Downey Jr.’s position at the top of this year's pile proves, Hollywood’s also a place that loves a good comeback story (cue the Jerry Goldsmith score).

As Big Willie learned the hard way this year, even a standard $20 million paycheck can’t make an actor immune to dropping a box office bomb or two along the way. It’s a lesson every member of this year’s Highest-Paid club knows all too well. These are The Biggest Flops of Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actors

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