Year: 2012

In all fairness, this Tupac Shakur replica was actually a digital projection, and not a hologram (the difference is that holograms are 3D images). Whatever it was, though, this performance created some of the biggest buzz that hologram technology has ever gotten, so we felt obligated to include it. After 2Pac's much-publicized appearance at Coachella, many were hoping that the projection would take his show on the road and tour with former West Coast collaborators like Dr. Dre or Snoop Dogg. Unfortunately, because of the high price that a single hologram show will run you (estimates for the Coachella show ranged from $100,000-$400,000) nothing materialized from the rumors. For what it's worth, we were hoping that they'd also resurrect Biggie and then make a West Side Story-style Broadway production with the two of them. But hey, that's just us.