In 2005, video game publishing company, RedOctane, released one of the most interactive games in console history when they unleashed the smash hit, Guitar Hero, upon the world. Now, Kai and Charles Huang, the duo responsible for launching the original company, are looking for innovative ways to continue to bring that hands-on experience to the gaming world with the new dev company they've started up, Blue Goji.

Focused primarily on fitness games, the company is reportedly hoping to create gameplay experiences that are "so fun that you want to come back, and you want to play them, and fitness becomes a byproduct." These games will use a controller system capable of hooking up to machines like treadmills and ellipticals, allowing you to seamlessly integrate Blue Goji's fitness game catalog into your regular workout schedule.

Ever since the birth of Wii Sports, video game development companies have been looking for unique ways to utilize the motion-sensing capabilities of the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect, spawning titles like Wii Fit Plus and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved in the process. Given Guitar Hero's unique twist on the typical controller/console set-up, this evolution seems like a natural fit for the Huang brothers.

Will they have the same crossover success with their latest project, though? Check out their first wave of products, currently slated for a 2013 holiday release, and find out for yourself. 

[via AllThingsD]