Today Google also debuted Chromecast, an easy way to stream videos to TV from a mobile device or tablet using Chrome. Given Apple TV's growing visibility in households, Google's announcement comes as no surprise. 

Available for $35, Chromecast transforms any TV into a smart TV. As Adi Robertson reports:

It turns your phone or computer into a remote, allowing you to queue up and play videos, control volume, or even turn on the TV; from there, you can use other apps without interrupting playback. It will also continue playing even when your phone is asleep, and unlike Google's failed Nexus Q, it will work the same on Android and iOS. ... On the traditional PC side, it supports Chrome on recent versions of Windows and Mac OS X: users can stream directly from the browser, then go on with their normal computer use as video plays ... Besides YouTube, we've also seen it play back video from Netflix and audio from Pandora, and Google is releasing a developer preview and SDK that will let other apps support streaming.

Chromecast has already sold out of the Google Play Store. Not to worry, though: Google said it will sale Chromecast through Amazon and Best Buy in the coming weeks.

[via The Verge]