Summer is practically synonmous with live sporting events. Across the country, folks are trudging off to ballparks and soccer fields. A lot of those people are going to games at gleaming new stadiums, marvels of modern architecture and convenience. But most of those new sports palaces are lacking a little something—history.

So what if you can get five different kinds of sushi delivered to your plush, oversized seat? Give us hard metal bleachers, hot dogs of unknown provenance, and steamy (not in the good way) bathrooms, but most of all, give us Jackie Robinson stealing homeFranco Harris intercepting a pass on offense, and the best introduction in sports history. Of course, we can't actually have those moments back again, because the places where they happened are either rubble, parking lots, or in some cases, the very same (albeit, refurbished) stadiums we go to today. But we can still reminisce and imagine the good old days with this look at 50 Demolished Sports Stadiums We Love. Play ball! 

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