The dean of an Upper East Side private school was arrested and charged with drug possession last week. Police questioned Nicholas deSpoelberch after his car was seen parked in the middle of a dead end street in Darien, Conn. on Jul. 11. Police officers took note of deSpoelberch's delayed reaction time and searched his car, finding several bags of heroin and others containing pills such as Oxycodone and Clonidine that he had no prescription for. Drug paraphernalia was also found in his car, police claim.

deSpoelberch had been Regis High School's Dean of Students since 2008, acting as one of the school's guidance counselors. He also assisted the athletic department, participating in an after-school martial arts program at the all-male, private Jesuit school.

Though Regis High School officials initially declined comment, they released the following statement yesterday:

On Tuesday, Regis High School became aware of the July 11th arrest of Nicholas deSpoelberch, who serves as the school’s Dean of Students. Regis High School is just now learning about the allegations against Mr. deSpoelberch, and takes those charges very seriously. Regis has zero tolerance for such activities. Mr. deSpoelberch has been suspended pending further investigation.

Following his arrest, deSpoelberch was released on $2,500 bail and scheduled to make his next court appearance on Jul. 22.

[via Gothamist]