Realmforge's Dark is a vampire game that tries to give you a little more blood and take back some of the vampire badness we've lost over the Twilight years.

The game starts with Eric Bane, a newly-minted vampire who's trying to find his maker before he turns into a mindless ghoul. Dressed like the guy who couldn't get into the Justice concert he sulks around in his big-zippered hoodie and drains the life out of just about everything.

The game focuses on a mixture of stealth and hard-hitting melee attacks with environments you're normally find your vampire stalking: museums, castles, skyscrapers and of course nightclubs, a vampire favorite. Special abilities allow Bane to get a leg-up on the enemy and use dark forces and choke the crap out of some baddies.

We'll never turn down another vampire game, especially one where we get to shoot dark forces out of our hands. Maybe the music is just turning us off a bit.

DARK is out now on Xbox 360 and on PC via Steam.

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