NBA fans gravitate towards conspiracy theories a little easier than most sports lovers for several reasons: the Tim Donaghy scandal is fresh on their minds, history has shown us that if your team doesn't have a top five star, you aren't winning a championship (2004 Pistons excepted), and they just want a reason to hate Lebron, damn it! The result is that any time the Heat achieve anything, the anti-James contingent cries foul and their thoughts drift to conspiracy. One blogger wrote of the Heat winning streak, " ... the Heat are good and that's not what this post is about. They're not 27 wins in a row good." This is a pretty common sentiment from jealous small market fans, and blogger after blogger has attempted to use statistics to prove that something is fishy in Miami, usually relying on stats involving free throws and foul shots. Despite all of the money ballin' these bloggers have done, so far it has amounted to nothing more than sour grapes.