Ever since there have been rational explanations for things there have been conspiracy theories. Popes, presidents, and peasants have all been the subjects of hair-brained conjecture at one point or another. These days, crackpot explanations are concocted to explain everything from retail barcodes to the world economy (And what if the two were connected, dude? We just blew your mind!). The Internet instantly breathes life into even the most ridiculous ideas that flow from bloggers' fingertips.

We are barely half way through 2013 and we have already seen ridiculous conspiracy theories spring up in the world of sports, celebrity, technology, and of course, politics. We scoured the Internet to find some of the most implausible, hair-brained, and ridiculous theories that trolls have dredged up for mass consumption this calendar year. The results will give you yet another reason to doubt if we should refer to humanity as "intelligent life." The truth is out there, just not here. These are The Craziest Internet Theories This Year.