One of the most overlooked stories of the past six months took place just weeks ago. The world's biggest tech company made the year's biggest gaming conference—one where Sony and Microsoft both showcased next-gen hardware—seem trivial without even announcing a new iPhone or iPad model. E3 became an afterthought to Apple's latest mobile operating system and bizarre-looking desktop. Aside from the announced price points and system unveilings, no one even paid attention to what else transpired during the expo. Nintendo knows the feeling all to well.

Seriously, I remember sitting in the media room in the Los Angeles Convention Center and discussing with other journalists how iOS 7 was gaining more mainstream exposure than E3 in its entirety. That brought up the question of whether the mobile industry has already killed console gaming. I wouldn't necessary chisel its death date on the tombstone just yet, but it's becoming more and more evident that we're headed into its last generation. —Alex Bracetti, Complex (@alexbracetti)