In the early 2000s, a relatively unknown J.J. Abrams was tapped by Warner Bros. to write a script for a Superman reboot that was set to be directed by McG (Charlie's Angels). Tentatively titled Superman Flyby, Abrams’ script saw Superman sent to Earth as a baby like every other version of the character, but in this one Krypton was never destroyed. Instead, the planet is in the midst of a civil war that eventually reaches Earth, forcing Superman to do battle with his own people in order to save his adopted home.

Though the idea of a Kryptonian battle in the streets of Metropolis actually did materialize in Man of Steel, Flyby featured a plot point where Superman actually dies and visits his father, Jor-El, in Kryptonian heaven before being revived. Oh, and Superman uses space karate to fight off his extraterrestrial enemies. We won’t say this often, but just be thankful for Man of Steel.